Leaf Diverter  
  • Stops leaves and debris from blocking down pipes
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Stainless steel construction for long life
  • Easy to install
  • Effective as an inlet strainer for water tanks
  • Australian made

What a simple idea!

Wherever you see homes and buildings situated near trees, you will often notice the build up of leaves on the roof line.

At sometime or another, generally during a rainfall the down pipes on those homes and buildings will block up with that same roof debris.

Leaf and debris diversion systems for down pipes probably take up more room at the patents office than that of the improved mouse trap, but, unlike the mouse trap designs, the improved versions of the leaf and debris diversion systems are superior to the originals and work better.

Kathro™products have developed a low maintenance solution for preventing blocked down pipes. An ingenious product call Leaf Diverter, fitted with a screen set on an angle to divert the leaves and debris from entering the down pipe.

The Leaf Diverter is fitted directly to the down pipes as close to the roof gutter as is practical. As the water flows from the gutter through the Leaf Diverter it brings with it the leaves and debris. The water washes over the angled screen and the leaves and debris are deflected away from the down pipe but the water continues to flow through the screen and the down pipe minus the leaves and debris.