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Welcome to Kathro™products an Australian icon when it comes to stainless steel manufactured goods.


What is Kathro™ products? ...Kathro™products is a globally branded name for the inovative design, manufacture and distribution of quality stainless steel products.

Our vision is quite simple! ... To be a globally recognised brand that is famous for innovative, high quality, competitively priced stainless steel products that are:...Simple to buy, Simple to ship, Simple to store, Simple to sell, Simple to install.

Our distribution network ... Consists of partners who share our philosophy and vision, recognise that customers place great value in having quality stainless steel products available ex-stock at competitive prices.

Never have blocked up downpipes again
Vases with class

How you can join the global team, and become a Kathro™products exclusive distributor. If you fall into the description of our distribution model, then we are very keen to hear from you! Contact us outlining your company's philosophy and how Kathro™products can blend into your operation to make you more profitable.

The better we know each other the better we can work together for a profitable future.